Experential Tourism in Llachon

Puno/Tours/Experential Tourism in Llachon  In Capachica Bay, around Titicaca Lake in the Puno region, six native communities, grouped in tourism associations, have developed a community rural tourism and experiential. These are Paramis, Chifrón, Escallani, Ccotos, and Ccollpa Tikonata Island.


Tour Uros and Taquile: 1 Day

Puno/Tours/Tour Uros and Taquile: 1 Day Lake Titicaca situated on the shores of Puno, the highest navigable lake in the world. Home to the legendary Uros people, who live on the floating reed islands and the famous weavers of Taquile Island. 


Tour Uros Amantani Taquile: 2 Days

Puno/Tours/Tour Uros Amantani Taquile: 2 Days Departing from Puno, a boat tour in Lake Titicaca offers visits to Uros Islands, Taquile Island and Amantani Island. Take with Us daily this tour in an amazing and personalized tour