Chavin Archeological Site ( full day)

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The circuit of the archeological ruins of Chavín de Huántar is part of the cultural experience in this area. To reach Chavín, we start southwards through Catac Comunity

  • Cahuish Tunnel
  • Recuay, Ticapampa and Catac Towns
  • Querococha Lake
  • Ceremonial Center and “Chavin de Huantar” Temple (Lanzon Monolithic, tenon heads)
Description of the Tour:

chavin 508:00 We leave to Chavin de Huantar Temple. The trip will be around the Recuay town,Ticapampa town, Catac town and Querococha lake. We continue going through the White Andes by the Cahuish tunnel, the highest in the world with 480 mts long. We will visit Kercos town and the modern Chavín town, which is located on the shore of the Mosna river. We will visit The Chavin de Huantar Temple, which has more than 3,000 years old,  considerated the first high level peruvian culture. Here we will see its monumental architecture, with hidden squares and subterranean galleries. Also we will see the finest lithic work like the Lanzon Monolithic. Also this temple is the place where the  Tello Obelisk and Stela Raimondi (which have anthropozooform representations) were found. Also you can see the Portada de las Falcónidas, which has columns and the famous tenon Heads, which are surrounding the Main Temple.


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Start: 08:00
Duration of the tour: 10 hours

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