Llanganuco Lakes ( full day)

Huaraz/Tours/Llanganuco Lakes ( full day) 

This one-day bus tour starts in Huaraz, a city located at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca on the banks of the Santa River. We begin by heading north, passing along the way various towns and villages, and stopping at interesting places such as Anta


Laguna Chinancocha – Llanganuco
Duration of the program:
01 days.
Circuit Type:
Tours – Scenic – landscape.
Location and area to visit:
Huaylas – Cordillera Blanca – Huascaran National Park.
Minimum altitude:
Caraz 2290 m.
Maximum altitude:
Laguna Llanganuco 3850 m.
January December.
Fixed departures:
January to December 2016
Program Code:
SAT / TCH-H 001


fotos trek santa cruz - llanganucoTours to the northern part of the city of Huaraz. In the journey you can appreciate landscapes and cities Huaylas Alley, next to the Santa River meandering, Mary Help of Christians from where you have a panoramic view of the Cordillera Blanca, as the snow-capped Huascaran Huandoy, Chopicalqui, Hualcán, Cup Urus, Ranrapalca, Ocshapalca and Vallunaraju; then continue the tour of Carhuaz, this city is known for its traditional customs and traditional dress; visiting the main square, the church of San Pedro, is tasted rich ice cream made from natural fruit typical of this city and the Callejon de Huaylas.

Continuous and visit the ancient city of Yungay now called Campo Santo, which was buried by an avalanche that came from Huascaran Norte, during the earthquake of May 31, 1970, that destroyed the Callejon de Huaylas and part of some departments route as Lima, Trujillo, Huanuco; in the Campo Santo remained as silent witnesses four palm trees and the White Christ, there is currently a new careful January 1 Km north of the Campo Santo.; where it deviates on dirt road entering the control of the Huascaran National Park, and then locate the base of Huascaran and Huandoy, where we find the lagoon “Chinancocha” in the Quebrada Llanganuco, surrounded by forests quenuales in this recreational area you can ride horses and boats.

Return is passed to Caraz for lunch, after the parade, candy and other attractions are visiting. It ended the trip is done in factories utilitarian and decorative handicrafts “Taricá – Huaraz”. Return to Huaraz.

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