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 Welcome to Bolivia

Bolivia – La Paz – Climbing – Huayna Potosi Mountain 6,088 m (19,974 ft)

Definily ones the most easiet 6 thousand peak in the world .Huayna Potosí is roughly fifteen miles due north of the city La Paz, which makes this mountain the most popular climb  in Bolivia.

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Bolivia – La Paz – City Tour ( Half day)

La Paz is the highest capital in the world. For this city tour, we either take our guests in the morning at 8 am or in the afternoon at 1 pm. Remnants of mysterious ancient civilizations make it the richest and most exciting destination for adventurous and independent travellers.

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Bolivia – La Paz – Trekking – The Royal Cordillera (Cordillera Real).

The Cordillera Real is a vast and still mostly untouched playground. .As a matter of fact, very often, the trails are not clearly marked and it is always reassuring to have a local muleteer or a guide along, as much for his knowledge of the area as for his services.

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Peru: Trekking Santa Cruz and Climbing Nevado Pisco (5752 m)

Date: 01.05. – 15.05.2016 Trekking Santa Cruz Climbing Nevado Pisco Peru: Trekking Santa Cruz and Climbing Nevado Pisco (5752 m) Trekking Santa Cruz: A very popular and short trek in to the Cordillera Blanca with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, lagoons and a demanding ascend to the pass “Punta Union” at an altitude of 4759 m. Nevado Pisco: is a very attractive mountain for foreign climbers and is a good option for those who are acclimatized. Previous experience is not required: we will help you reach the summit of this peak.

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