Our staff


In COLONIA ADVENTURES our High Mountain helpers it is working since several years ago  when our founders started use their services 50 years ago , with their parents and now in this second generation their kids are colaborating with Us.

They are reliable and  know perfectly their regions , because born in over there . Our workers belongs our company since long time ago, such us : mountain chefs, porters, donkeys drivers, camp guard and emergency man. Also are registered in their respective associations with the corresponding accreditation of the National Park Huascaran. Let introduce part of our personal


He lives in Cashapampa village. Has two children, is very friendly, hygienic and  honest. He is small man but efficient and friendly. HDuring the low season he works as farmer in his village.

Our select donkey drivers in Cordillera Blanca range

Ambrosio from Cashapampa town


He is our experienced donkey driver with more than 230 years working in Huayhuash Mountain range Rosco and Raura areas , he lives surrounded to there and it is a expert cooking the famous BBQ ” pachamanca ” .


JUAN LLIUYA “ Juancito”.

With his smile and nice humour  quickly  get in friendship with him . As a porter it was climbing several peaks in Cordillera Blanca and works as Mountain cook too , serving Peruvian tasty dishes to our visitors . He Works since childhood in the adventure Tourism .

Has a category as Porter I , in cordillera Blanca

Juancito I .Kind of the andean girls


When he had 15 years old began working in this activity, like watchman in cbase camps then as cook helper. Now he became as a mountain cheff , nown as ” magyc hands” serve to you delicious dishes . Speaks quechua language, and a little bit of English. And he likes Cook; his favorite plate called” olloquito con charqui” (Typical Peruvian food)

Magic hands Martin cook

JUAN LLIUYA: “ Churrasco”.

He is a more experienced porter began same our dad Espiritu is a greater experience in our organization, its working during 30 years like Porter of I category, serious, timid but responsible and efficient man in his work.(RETIRED)